.IIF File Extension

IIF File Extension/File Type

File that ends with . IIF file Extension is a kind of text file that maintains a specific pattern. IIF file designed and developed by Intuit for QuicBook is an online business tool that let you allow to share financial data in a smart way and more instantly. It is a cross-platform and web-based service. QuisBook generally used for business and sells services for calculating the tax and generating invoices.

If you are a QuisBook user and if you want to export a list of invoices or tax details or the sell details then the exported file be saved with .IIF file extension. And it is the uses of IIF file extension. IIF file is purely text file and it can be open by a simple text editor, but especially it maintain a pattern to understand the program command.

You can also create IIF file from the sketch. But before creating IIF files you have to ensure two things, first of all, make sure the file name extension is .FFF. And secondly, make sure you have created the file b the following the pattern of an exported file from Quisbook. But it will be difficult for creating the file from the sketch. Because the IFF file function depending on another program.

QuisBook has some importing limitations, You can import transaction but you can’t export transaction list. You can’t export or import prices on the item basic, you can import and export only from percentage level.

Name Description
File Extension example.iif , *.iff
File Type Data Files
File Category Text File
Developer Intuit
Status Active on Quisbook
Related Extension  

Importing & Importing IFF file for QuisBook is quite easy. For exporting login to your admin account of Quisbook portal. Switch mode to the single user. Click on the File menu from the top menu bar. From the drop-down menu, select for  Utilities Export Lists to IIF Files. The export window will appear. Now it is time to name the file. After naming click on the save to complete the export process of the IIF file.

In the same way, after sign in the admin panel of QuisBook, choose the file menu and then select Utilities Import > IIF Files. Now the file browser window will appear. Locate your desired iff file you want to open. Then click on the import button to get the file in QuisBook.

How to Open  Files

To view or open exported IFF file locate the IFF file first, then right-click the mouse to see the expanded alternative option. Choose Microsoft Excel or any other text file that supports IIF file. But Microsoft Excel will give a good looking interface that others general purpose text editor and viewer.

Operating System Programs
Windows Intuit QuisBook Pro/Enterprise
Microsoft Excel
MS Notepad and others
Mac Intuit QuisBook Pro/Enterprise
Microsoft Excel