Huawei New Operating System Hongmeng Android Alternatives

After banning the Android auto-updates on Huawei phone with many other features. Yu Chengdong – CEO of the Huawei is going to develop their own chip kernel and Operating system registered trademarks as Hongmeng or Hong Meng. As the Huawei consumer, it will be the best Android alternatives and will be supported both Hongmeng native applicating along with the android application.

Huawei confirmed that their new fully compatible and compact operating system will be launched before the next spring. And the initial test version will be released in next June 2019.

Trademarking of Hongmeng | Hong Meng

China’s CNIPA published that Huawei has been applied for the trademarks for Hongmeng as “Huawei Hongmeng” trademark on 24 August 2018 and the final registration confirmation and the announcement was 24 May 2019. CNIPA also published that the expiration date of the trademark is 13 May 2029.

Huawei Hongmeng vs Google Android

Huawei has confirmed by a published newspaper that Hongmeng can be used as the plan B. It will support both google android application and Hongmeng native application also. This will be the plus point of Hongmeng OS.

Both supported application framework ensures that the usability of the application surface will increase and you can even use more app than google android. Because in Huawei Hongmeng you can use all the android application along with the Hongmeng native application.

Hong Meng Marketing Target

In Huawei Hongmeng trademark classification, Huawei will run the Hongmeng operating system on the mobile phone, tablet, computers, cars, etc. Huawei announced that the Hongmeng operating system is designing for the next generations and it will be improved by 60% than the Android operating system.

Hongmeng Planned Versions

Hongmeng is designing 2 different versions. Plan A and Plan B. 1st version is distributed to global users and the 2nd version is distributed for the domestic user’s privileges.