How to start learning music at home within 7 days

Actual Music Concept

Music is a study of arts. Music also a study of a creative subject. From making a beat and mixing the beat with melody and cords to making a new song is completely creative. If you are very beginner in the music field then a lot of question arises to your mind how music is created how a professional studio actually work, How a musical note played and mixed with rhythm and much more. If you want to make a complete song then you can follow many ways as you wish. In the music field, many researchers have made many musical conventions you can also follow them. But the basic is the same that you think. For example, from your common sense, you can say Music is recorded by a singer with a microphone. So, why you think you won’t able to learn the entire music making process?

First of all, you need some basic component to learn and make a music your own. Then you have to learn the basic process and concept of making music. You may have to learn some digital tools to take advantage of digital technology such a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that really make easiest to make your song.

A complete Music Fundamentals

From your experience as a music listener, you have noticed a complete song or track have mixed with Beat, Note, Chords, Bassline and melodies. Do you know how they played and recorded in a music? It is the point of interest, you should focus on when you come to learn music. Whatever you want to be either a musician or a singer or a Music producer you must have to learn this music fundamental just like every student of chemistry learns the Periodic Table.  Now I will explain shortly about the most basic fundamental of a song.

Learn to make Beats

Every song has beat that played in the whole track from the intro to last verse of a song. So, first of all, you have to learn how to make the beat. But if you have to learn how to make beat rhythmically there are many convention and music theory that can help you to learn beat. Because before record a song the entire beat and other things are created and mixed.

Learn Note and Scale

Like the beat, every song involves with note and scale. The note is the different instrument sounds and scale is how long time a specific instrument is being played at a time. Don’t mess up Note with Tempo. In the music field, the tempo is how often a beat or note will play.

Learn Chords

Learn Cords, there are many sources on the web from there you can learn chords. Actually, chords are also some musical sound but when a group of sound played same time that’s called chords. You can learn more from the web how to learn and make the chord for making a music.

Learn Bassline

Bass makes a song more comfortable to listen. Generally, the bass is recorded from an electric bass guitar and other related instruments. You can also play bass from your computer within a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). You should learn How to play bass for a specific type of song.

Learn Melodies

Melodies is also a basic fundamental of a song. Every song contains some pieces of melodies that can be repeated two or three times in a song that makes a song rhythmic to listen. You should learn How to make melodies for a Song.

Why learn Beat, Note, Chords, Bassline and Melodies

It is the most interesting thing when you come to learn how to make music. Actually, any rhythmic combination of these components makes the actual music in a song you hear. Now I am going to tell you in tow lines how almost all professional and home studio make a song. First of all, after completing the lyrics and tune of a song.

What is the next?

After learning these basic and fundamentals of music you are now ready to make your own song at home. Now you need a basic setup for your home studio. Then install a DAW on your computer (See 10 best DAW 2018). You can connect physical instrument with your installed DAW then play the instrument and record individually some pattern and finally combine them as you need. Now it is time to record your voice and embed them into the music. Adjust the volume from the mixer panel. And finally, export the music as mp3 format or your favourite audio format. That’s it. Hope this helps.

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