How to Show File Name Extension on Windows OS

File Extension for Computer

A file extension is a computer program basically specify a file type for the computer applications. Every file you see on the computer have a specific file extension for each file and they are different from each other.  For example,  if you open a photo on your computer, the picture has a file name extension named with either .PNG or .JPG or if you listen to a song on your computer, the audio file type has a specific file name extension that can be either .mp3 or .wav etc.

So every file type has a specific file extension and with the file extension different file will be opened with different applications or software. Such as, To listen to a music (example.mp3) on the computer you will need an audio player again if you want to see a movie (example.mp4) you will need a video player. You can not open a video file with an audio player. So filename extension is very important in computing.

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Filename extension on Windows

By default Windows does not show the filename extension in the media browser or File Explorer.  the filename extension is hidden in the folder properties or file properties. here we will learn how to show every filename extension after the filename in the media browser or file explorer on Windows 7 8 or 10.

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Does not showing file Extension

See, windows are not showing the file extension of any file in the file explorer. Instead, it is showing the file type (not file extension). When windows show a file type of any file instead of file extension. It means the system has installed the associated program that can open the file. Because the specific program works behind showing the file type. For example, The above file Drum and Bass has a file type called Pro Tool Session. This file type is showing by the installed program (Avid Pro Tools)  on the computer.

Show file name extension on Windows

There are two different ways to get this job done. You can follow to show the file extension in the media browser or file explorer on Windows computer Let’s see how to do it.

Method3: (Using Control Panel)

To get this job done, first of all, go to your control panel and then select Appearance and Personalization. Now select File Explorer option then select view from the tab. Finally, uncheck the option “Hide File Extension for known File Type

Show Filename Extension on Windows

Method2: (Using Windows Explorer)

If you use Windows 8.1, then you can do it by file explorer. First of all, go to Explorer and follow the options  View > Options > Change folder and search options. But if you use Windows 7, Go to File Explorer and then enable the classic bar from the top. You can enable it by pressing the Alt key. Then click on Tools > Folder Options. Then follow the instruction above.

Now you will see the every file type extension on your computer with the file name.

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