How to Remove Noise of a Audio File Using Audacity

Removing Noise of a mp3 File Using Audacity music editor

Get Audacity

If you don’t have installed audacity on your computer already. Download and Install audacity from here, It is an Open Source Software that’s why you don’t have to pay any dollars to use the apps. audacity is available on Windows, MacOS and Linux. In this Article, we will learn how to remove noise from an audio file.

Remove Noise from an Audio

You may want to clear noise from an audio that can be recorded on skype or phone call recording or any other purpose. You can also remove noise from audio that you recorded in audacity. Audacity is a perfect tool for cleaning an mp3 file.

Import from your Computer

How to remove noise from an audio using audacity - PrograCodingIf you want to clean and sharp mp3 file that recorded on an external source. First of all copy the audio file on your computer. Then run audacity, from the menu bar click on file and then select import option from the drop-down menu. and then select audio. Browse the recorded file from your computer and finish import.

Now Single the Stereo Track

The two stereo track are joint each other. So that when you will select a specific region, tow track will be selected at once. But we want to remove noise from a single mono track. That’s why we have to separate tow track. You can see the joint track in the image below.How to remove noise from an audio using audacity - PrograCoding

Split Stereo Track

Click on the triangle located at the upper right of the track. The click on the “Split Stereo Track” from the drop-down menu. This action will make two mono track. Now you can select a certain area of the individual tracks. Focus on the image below.Split stereo Track progracoding

Now select an area where you want to clear the noise. You can also select the entire tracks. After selecting the area click on the effect button from the menu bar. Select Noise Removal from the drop-down menu.

Select an area of noise where you want to remove noise
Select the noise removal option from the drop down menu progracoding

Now set the intensity of the clearance of your audio from the setting and then click Get Noise Profile Button.

All Done! Now try to play the audio. You will get a clear voice.

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