How to Install Python (Development Environment Setup)

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install Python’s latest distribution on Windows, macOS, and Linux operation system for setting up the development environment.

Install Python on Windows OS

To install Python latest version on windows, first, you will need to download the latest version of Python from the official download pages [] of Python. The current version of Python is 3.8.2 at the time of writing this article. So we will install python 3.8.2 on our windows machine.

Download Python Latest Version
Python Official Download Pages

Click on the Download Python x.x.x button to download the .exe executable file. After downloading, double-click the on the file to start the installation process.

install python step-1

A popup window will appear like the above image. Click on the Install now section to start the install python on the default location [C:\Users\<User-Name>\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Pythonxx-xx] with default settings.

Customized Installation:

To install Python to the custom location click on the Customize installation to change your installation location and options.


Add Python to PATH — allows you to install python globally. That means you can access the python interpreter from any directory from the machine rather than the installation folder only. This option can be added later on if you don’t check the option while installing.

install python step-2

  • Documentation — Checking this option will install the python document index of the current version.
  • pip — is the Python package manager just like npm for NodeJS and RubyGems for ruby.
  • IDLE – is the python command-line based IDE.
  • Python test suite – is helpful for testing your code efficiently.
  • py launcher — helps you to run the python program more easily.

You can check/uncheck the tools that you need and unnecessary. After clicking the next button You can set the custom location. If you want to install Python to a customized standard location, then another commonly used path is C:\Python38.

install python step-3

After finishing the progress, python will be installed fully on your machine. To check the installation open your command line. Then type the following command to verify your installation.



If you get the feedback from Python like the image above. Then you have successfully installed python on your Windows machine.

Problem installing?

Even after successful installation, if you aren’t able to access the Python globally, then while installing you have forgotten to check the “Add Python to PATH” option. For that, you will get the following response in the cmd from the non-installed python directory;

verify python installation-1

Problem solved — How to Add Python to PATH for accessing from the Global

Using other Operating Systems?

Are you using Linux or macOS? then consider reading the followings;

  • Linux — How to Install Python Latest Version on Linux
  • MacOS — How to Install Python Latest Version on MacOS
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