.HBK File Extension

HBK File Extension/File Type

A File that ends with .HBK refers to the Mathsoft Handbook File which is math solving and engineering calculation software designed and developed by Mathsoft. Mathcad Handbook is only supported the by Windows platform. The .HBK file extension based file will open when the PTC Mathcad handbook installed on your computer. This software allows you to Analyze, Perform and Share the most vital calculation through a text file.

You can create a Mathcad handbook file by any kinds of text editor or text processor. After creating your Handbook files, you will need to keep the files in the HANDBOOK subfolder under the installation directory or Handbook Professional folder. If you don’t find any HANDBOOK subfolder in the installation directory then you have to create it first before pasting the files.

While creating a Mathcad Handbook file always make sure that you have saved or exported the files as a text file. Even if you use a text processor for creating the Mathcad handbook file, you must have to save it as a text file. And make sure, the file name extension is .HBK before saving.

You can use this HBK text file for solving your civil engineering calculation, electrical engineering calculation, Mechanical engineering calculation and much more. Because all of the formulas have been predefined and embedded for calculation in this software. Moreover, you can calculate your math problem with a number of ways. You can calculate your math with text, graphs, plots and even images.

Name Description
File Extension example.hbk, *.hbk
File Type Text
File Category Text File
Developer Mathsoft
Status Active
Related Extension null

In 2006 Mathsoft Handbook is acquired by  Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC).

How to Open HBK Files

To open an HBK file, first of all, the Mathcad Handbook software for windows must be installed on your computer. Then make sure your Mathcad files are saved as text file and also .HBK file extension as well. Now keep those files nto the HANDBOOK subfolder under the PTC handbook installation directory. To open a .HBK file in Mathcad. Open the software then click on the help option and then click on the open sub-menu in order to browse and open a handbook file.

Operating System Programs
Windows PTC Mathcad Handbook