Groovy Script Tutorial

Groovy is a function and object-oriented programming language based on the Java programming platform. Although it is based on Java, it is actually a scripting language but depended on the JRE. That’s means, to compile and run your groovy code you must have installed the Java environment on your machine. This Groovy script tutorial has been designed for absolute self-learners and beginners.

Groovy Script Version History

In 2003 James Strachan &  Bob McWhirter developed the Groovy scripting language, then it was continued:

  • The development of Groovy took a bit of time to be released for the public. In 2007 the first Groovy 1.0 released.
  • With lots of new features, Groovy 2.0 was released in 2012
  • In 2014, added support for Java SDK 8 to Groovy and the released version was 2.3
  • 2.5 is the latest stable version of Groovy.

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Groovy Script Features

The main designing purpose of Groovy programming language was to create a scripting environment of programming based on the Java programming language. That’s mean Groovy is also Java-syntax based language but it also supports scripting features like Python, Ruby, Perl, etc. Moreover:

  • Groovy supports both static and dynamic typing.
  • It is also an agile culture language
  • You can integrate with your existing Java libraries and codes seamlessly
  • Groovy supports for Metaprogramming and multimethod
  • Support regular expression with native syntax.
  • Codes are finally converted to Java bytecode, that’s mean groovy is device independent like Java.
  • It has language level support for creating a complex application and much more.

The Groovy Script Tutorial

This tutorial series has been designed for very beginners groovy learners. That’s mean we will learn Groovy from very basic to the advanced level like (installing, writing code, features like operator, variable, compiling the code, running code, etc.)

Before start learning this course, you should have prior knowledge on Java programming language. Because Groovy is mainly based on the Java programming language. That’s mean, Groovy uses mostly Java-like syntax. If you don’t know already how to program with Java the read our Java documentation here

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