How Google Protect Your Original Content from being Copyrighted

The magic algorithm of Smart Google

Google has lots of algorithm and programming technique. By using this Google protect you Online digital content from being Copyrighted.

Basically, newbie/novice blogger start there own blog and most of them don’t get the better result initially then some random question arises in their brain. As for example:

  1. Why my website is not indexing properly by Search Engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing?
  2. Can I really make money from Blogging by writing Articles? (After a couple month of a try but no result)
  3. No visitors come to my Blog, I think my contents are not showing on the SERP. is It?
  4. My contents are not showing on the SERP. Is anyone stealing my content?

But in this post, we will discuss about How google prevent the copyright infringement that much related to the last question pointed above.

Every hour thousand and thousand article, blog post, magazine, news content, Blog Content and Vlog content are being added by the webmasters, bloggers and website owner. Nowadays, the internet is too crowded in the blogging field. Millions of professional bloggers are living on this. But it is true that there are many web spammer on the internet who copies other’s article and post there own spam website. In this case, which blog, article or webpage will be visible on the google search engine or Serch Engine Result Page (SERP)? In this article, we will learn in depth and details, How Google manipulates the whole process to determinate the original author and website.

Google search engine is a smart tool for searching the millions of website containing billion of web pages smartly. But if a person copies an article or blog post that actually written by another author published on a different website. So which content will be visible on the SERP? Let’s discuss  it by an example:

Suppose,  Website “A” has been published a blog post on “12-10-2017” and It is the original unique content. At the same time, Website “B” copies that post and publish it by changing the timestamp on “12-8-2017” (The published date are changeable). Website “B” may follow some other technique to act as the original article author. In this case, Google should rank high on the Website “B” and catch Website “A” as a Spammer. If Google does it, The entire Blogging eco-system will be destroyed. So let’s see, How Google and other search engines handle this case.

When you publish a unique or original blog post or article on the web for the first time then google crawl the page automatically. If your website is submitted on the Google Search Console the page will be crawled immediately. If You can discover your content instantly you may submit the URL in the Google Search Console. Once a webpage indexed by google search engine. Then the content of the entire page saved by google cache memory.


If further any website publishes the same post even after changing the timestamp, google catch the page as duplicate and put it in the spam filter. Thus google determine the original author. Google follows a number of unknown technique and algorithm to detect the original author.