What is Google AdSense for Publisher

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an online advertising platform developed,  administrated and maintained by Google. Publishers can generate revenue by serving ads on their web page depending on some traditional revenue sharing model such as pay-per-click or pay per impression basis. One who owns a website he can join the AdSense publisher program to generate an extra cash from his website.

According to Wikipedia of heart 14.3 million websites are using AdSense as to serve the digital advertisement to generate revenue. For its popularity, AdSense is the no. 1 choice for almost all advertiser as their online advertisement platform. To maintain this large numbers of at Ads banner and delivered it to the right audience AdSense use most advanced technology such as double click program by Google and AdChoice program.

Ones who want to reach the targeted audience can enroll through Google AdWords. Google Adword is a program also owned by Google for the advertiser and it is interactively connected with Google AdSense for publishing the advertiser’s ads to the publisher’s website. Google AdSense is very very effective to reach the targeted audience because it depends on the numbers of factors including geolocation, countries, website content, browser cookies, keywords and keyword density and many other factors.

Google Adsense logo (pc: Wikipedia)

Available Ads Types in AdSense

AdSense for Content:  AdSense for publishers is available for the website or blog publisher. The website or blog that met with the AdSense privacy policy and publisher terms of use can interactively join with this program and the publisher can earn immediately by serving the ads on his webpage between, after and before the content. AdSense needs no minimum traffic to be approved, just a quality blog can join this program interactively. Publishers can add unlimited numbers of ads code in a single web page. Revenue sharing percentage for AdSense for content is 68%, That means if an advertiser cost $100 a publisher will earn $68.

Search Ads:  When a person searches on the Google’s default search engine for a specific term or keyword, on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) before the search result show ads depending on the search term and keywords.  Google AdSense share 51% of revenue in the Search Advertising model, that means if an advertiser cost $100 then a publisher will earn $51.

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