GO Tutorial

Introduction – What is GO?

GO also known as Golang is an object-oriented, general-purpose, concurrent, multi-paradigm and functional programming language designed and developed by Rob Pike and the Go Authors. This language first appeared in 2009 since its development was started in the earlier of 2007. If you want to learn more about GO’s introduction visit:

GO is actually influenced by the C programming language. Its syntax and environment more likely dynamic language that ensures fast source code compilation and remote package management. GO is also built-in concurrency primitives. Go supports static and strong typing discipline. You can write Go source file with any plain text editor. Every go file ends with .go file extension.

Features of GO

GO programming language is built-in many rich features including creating and managing own packages for self-command or external open source package for a specific package, powerful standard library that also distributed as packages, static typing that reduce program error like syntax errors and allows fast compilation, platform independent that can independently on a variety of operating system without executing problems.

Uses of GO

Although GO programming language is a general-purpose programming language and it can be used in a variety of applications domain including font-end web services, back end web services, desktop, and mobile application development, server development, and many more. Some popular services and application programmed with GO Programming:

  • Caddy: an open-source HTTP/2 web-server.
  • Docker: a Linux utility application for ease of access to many essential tools.
  • InfluxDB: an open-source time series database management system.
  • Netflix: a movie streaming site made some of the server parts with GO.
  • CloudFlare: a content delivery network and firewall application. Some critical parts of CloudFlare programmed with GO.
  • CoreOS: a Linux based operating system uses docker etc.

About this Tutorial Series

This Tutorial has been designed for the absolute beginner and self-learners who want to understand the entire structure of the Go programming language. This tutorial discusses Go programming language from very basic to advanced concepts including types, syntax, variable, data types, code completion, software development using go, etc.

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