.GIF File Extension

GIF File Extension/File Type

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Formats commonly used in the animated image file using LZW Compression method developed by Unisys.  Files that end with .GIF File Extension indicate a bitmap image format developed by CompuServe in the middle of 1987. It is a very popular image format and widely used file format for images. The usage of gif format image on the World Wide Web is widespread.

GIF file format has many superb features than any other Image file format. It is very popular and widely used. GIF image can produce the outstanding color depth for an image. It supports high resolution for the images, for example, it supports up to 8 bit per pixel for a single image.

The LZW Compression method helps to reduce the file size on the drive without losing the visual quality and resolution of a GIF image. GIF file is lossless bitmap image format. It has a unique Internet media type of “Image/gif” and also have a type code of “GIff”. GIF also have UTI (Uniform  Type Identifier) of “com.copuserve.gif” for better utilization on the web.

Although the developer of the GIF file Extension was CompuServe, although the Software parent holder was Unisys. According to Unisys the licensing agreement for gif file a license is required to use gif file. But all the gif downloading services, uses and web developer, none of them use the license. It introduced controversy between the two company.

 Name Description
File Extension Example.png, *.gif
File Type Binary
File Category Bitmap Image File
Developer CompuServe
Status Active
Related Extension JPG File Extension

How to Open GIF Files

Almost all the image viewer and image/photo editor can open GIF image file. You can open a GIF file on any kind of Operating system that supports the image viewer/photo editing software including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Smartphone etc. To open a GIF file on windows, browse the GIF image from your hard drive and double click on it to open in the default program for the image. To use another program, choose the desired image viewer/photo editor by clicking the right mouse button.