Getting, Installing & Launching Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a very professional level non-linear video editing system that can be used for your next video/film making project. Whatever you are working on your youtube video making project or short-film or professional video producing station. Adobe premiere pro is pretty perfect for you. By reading this article we will learn how to get, install and Setup Adobe Premiere Pro on your system.

Premiere Pro is a very popular non-linear video editing application available on both popular Operating System including Windows and MacOS and it is also widely used form individuals, a small team to the large film production company. Before getting started to this course first, get and install the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro on your system. 

Get and Install Adobe Premiere Pro

As you already know Adobe Premiere Pro is a premium application, It is designed and developed by Adobe Inc. So to get this application simply go to the adobe official website the browse the Premiere Pro page and purchase your copy. Or simply Go to this link

Adobe Premiere Pro Pricing Model
Adobe Premiere Pro Pricing Model

On the pricing page, you will see the 4 different types of pricing model. They are Individual Plan, Business Plan, Student and Teachers plan, Schools and Universities. Choose an optimum package in your budget.

To do this, first of all, create an Adobe Creative Cloud account using your email. Then log in to adobe creative cloud account and download Adobe Premiere Pro from the software/application list.  After downloading Adobe Premiere Pro the rest of the process like installing, setup and other things will be performed automatically. Now you are done and ready to launch Adobe Premiere Pro.

Launching Adobe Premiere Pro

When you will launch Premiere Pro for the first time you will see a welcome screen. You can control and perform several tasks on the Welcome screen. You can always access the welcome screen by going Help>Welcome Screen

Adobe Premiere Pro New Project

On the top, there are two tab Work and Learn. By clicking on the learn tab you can explore video tutorial about Premiere Pro. Explore it on your own. But for now, come to the work tab. You will see Recent, CC Files and sync setting in the first section.

  • RECENT: In this tab, you can access the most recently opened project or most recently created projects. It is pretty helpful for mapping your project.
  • CC FILES: By using this tab you can use the cloud files and project that is synced in your Adobe Creative cloud storage. You can also use those same files across the whole Adobe application like Photoshop, After Effects etc.
  • SYNC SETTINGS: Using sync settings you can control which files and media will automatically upload your creative cloud storage.

And using the next section you can create a brand new project, open an existing project, team project etc.

In the next article, we will learn how to create a brand new working project and set up configuration

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