General Purpose Programming Language

Definition – What is General Purpose Programming Language

In computer science, general purpose programming language refers to such kinds of programming languages that can be used to develop different kinds of software application for different kinds of hardware and platform rather than for a specific application domain. A general purpose language can be used in a variety of application.

Today’s most popular general purpose programming languages used by hundred of thousand programmers, such as C, PHP, Java, Python, etc.

PrograCoding Explanation

Nowadays, General purpose programming language is widely popular. Because learning a single general purpose language allows the programmer to develop applications for a variety of purposes and field.

Every programming language is designed for a special purpose like C was initially designed for creating Unix operating system. But it can be used in networking, web application, desktop application development, system development, etc. For this reason, general purpose language is very helpful and handy for the programmers.

There are some other kind of general purpose language exist, they can be:

  • General Purpose Modeling Language
  • General Purpose Scripting Language
  • General Purpose Markup Language