What is the some best tools and technology for Developing Web?


What is the some best web technology for Developing website and managing the website? Where from I learn the Web Development from the home without a crouse from a teacher.
I have some confusion:
I googled and found that HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP is the most used web technology to build the website. But there are lots of Programming language such as Java, Ruby, Erlang, C++. Can I develop a website and complex web function with those languages that can run on a web browser? 

What is the some best tools and technology for Developing Web?
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  1. Many have been changed since the web is developed. Day by day many web technology have been created probably. The term Web Development varies much in this modern Web Technology area.

    So lots of tools and techniques you can use while web developing in order to serve better services to the people. Web Developing frequently involves with the website. Most web developer Woks with Website development and the use many tools and techniques like:

    1. HTML – HyperText Markup Language
    2. CSS – Cascading Stylesheet
    3. Javascript – Not Java Programming Language
    4. Jquery – A interactive framework of javascript
    5. PHP – Most used programming language to develop a web system or website
    6. Ajax – Used to create function and page interactivity
    7. WordPress – Most used CMS for website management etc.

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