How to Remove Dashboard Access for other users in WordPress


I have a memberships site developed with WordPress. People can Register in my site and the default role is subscriber. But when a user access for or They can access the WordPress default dashboard with a limited access. That’s mean the all users have access the back-end control panel access.

My question, How can I restrict the back-end Dashboard Access and make a font-end user profile panel. Have their any Plugin or theme that provide font-end profile management?

How to Remove Dashboard Access for other users in WordPress
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  2. Hey Alex! Thanks for asking. To do this you can use a WordPress Plugin “Remove Dashboard Access” to restrict the back-end WordPress dashboard. And you can build your own fon-end user management page if you know the PHP code. However, you may use a plugin to do this. Many themes are built in such features. So ask your theme provider before buying. Thanks.

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  3. You may not restrict Dashboard access while you are using a multisite version of WordPress. 

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