How to change comment font color and font size in wordpress?


I want to change the comment font color and font size in my WordPress website There is no option to change it form my theme option or WordPress dashboard. How can I change it manually from my WordPress file?
Do I need any technical skill to do this? I have no experience in WordPress blog development. Please can anyone help, How can I do this? please explain in details.

How to change comment font color and font size in wordpress?
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  1. Hey Niva! Thanks for your question.

    You can add CSS class or id to modify your WordPress comment font size and color. To do this you have to follow some steps accordingly.

    To do this you should have a proper knowledge of HTML and CSS.

    1. First of all, go to one of your web pages that exist on your website and make sure the post is comment allowed.
    2. Then right-click on your mouse and then select the “View Source” option to see the source code of the post/page.
    3. Now go to your original post and make a comment from the comment box.
    4. Go back to the source code page then refresh the page and search for the comment that you made some time ago by pressing the (Ctrl+F) from the keyboard. For example, If you make a comment like this, “Nice post”, then search for “Nice post” in the view source page.
    5. Now you will be able to find the text inside a div and some other elements like <p>, <a> etc.
    6. Now determine the class or id properties for the comment section.
    7. Now go to your theme option from the WordPress admin panel and add a CSS file using the class to modify the font color and size.
    8. Now save the changes then recheck your page. Your comment font color and size will be changed as your modification.

    Example CSS file:

    If the div declare the CSS class as (class=”comment” ) that cover the comment text and the exact comment text is covered by CSS <p> element then the CSS file will be:

    .comment p {
        font-size: 18px;
        color: green;

    Hope this helps!

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