How can I get verified Adsense Account with my Website?


I have a WordPress Based Website. I want to monetize my Website with google Adsense. How can I get the verified Adsense account without getting disapproved or banned by google.

How can I get verified Adsense Account with my Website?
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  1. Hey, Niva! thanks for your question. Getting approved by Google ASaenae is not a very difficult task. In order to get an approved AdSense account, you have to fulfill some simple and easy criteria.

    1. Your website domain must have minimum 6 months old. So if your website is very new then you have to wait 6 months before applying.
    2. Always try to use a Top Level Domain (TLD’s) for your website. Many times Google does not accept any kind of subdomain or other unknown domain extensions. Such as “”,”, “” etc.
    3. Do not write adult content on your site. These type of site is totally not allowed by Google AdSense. There are some others prohibited content you cannot write for Google AdSense. To see the prohibited content list by AdSense Check this link
    4. Make your site for mobile friendly and make a clear navigation site. Many AdSense application is not approving for site navigation issue. Make sure your site has meaningful content navigation and clear formats.
    5. One of the most important things is, write only unique articles. Don’t even think to copy a single article from other sites that exist on google. Google act this issue very sensitively. So a single copyrighted post can be the reason disapproving the AdSense.
    6. Before applying for AdSense make sure you have a minimum 60-80 unique articles on your website. 

    If all the criteria are fulfilled, your AdSense should be approved by Google. However, there are many other terms and condition you have to obey for getting an approved AdSense account. To read the full terms and condition Check this link

    Hope this helps!

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