How can I get job at google as a Programmer?


Hey! I am very passionate to learn programming. And I am very passionate to get job at google. What is the best suggestion and best practisce to get job at google?

Should I need a specific language to get job there? Any technology that can help me to get job there?

As a software engineer what can I learn for the job. Which degree I will need to get the job.

How can I get job at google as a Programmer?
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  1. Google is ranked #1 web company in the world for many years. It is very challenging to get a job at Google. To get a job at google you will have to be multi-talented and specially skilled. Thousands of people are submitting resume and CV to join Google. So you will have to be a competitor. And you have to perform the best skill in order to take in the selected for interview list.

    So if you are able to reach the interview list then another challenge you have to face. You will be asked different kinds of question including your job-related topic and outside general topic also. You have to be the best interactive one for communication, skill, personality, dress up etc. And top best performer will be selected. The number of the top selected list is undefined. So it is very challenging.

    By the way, getting a job opportunity at Google is not an easy task. But if are passionate to get, study at a reputed university and perform better as well. Build an extraordinary skill in computing. Check the requirements for getting a job at Google. Maybe you will have a chance to get approved.

    Thanks in advanced!

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