Q: What is PrograForum?
A: PrograForum is a Q&A community tech-based forum provided by PrograCoding.com. You can ask tech-based question including Computer Technology, Internet, Media technology.

Q: How to Register for PrograForum?
A: Click the Register button and fill the form with necessary information then click on Sign up button. You will get a confirmation email to your provided email box. Check it and click on the activate button to Active your PrograForum account. Now you can ask a question or contribute to PrograForum.

Q: How to login to my existed PrograForum account?
A: Enter the email or username and password in the login form and click on the login button to access your existing PrograForum account.

Q: I forgot my password. How can I restore it?
A: Go to the login page and click on the forget button on the right side of the password field. Enter your associated email and click on the Reset button. You will get a mail with your New password and username. To change your password go to the edit profile page and double enter the new password and click save.

Q: How can I add a question to PrograForum?
A: Click on the ask button from the main nav menu and enter your question details, question, select your question category, give a tag then click on the publish your question. Alternatively, click the Ask Question button from the sidebar.

Q: How about the pointing system in PrograForum?
A: PrograForum has 6 user counter based on the point. A new account gets 100 points and becomes a novice contributor. The user who exceeds 10000 points become a haunter user. The user who exceeds 30000 points become an elder contributor. Who exceeds 60000 points become a longer liver user. Similarly, Who exceeds 100000 points become a neo user. And who exceeds 150000 become a Superuser. See Badges and Point here

Q: How can I write a Guest post?
A: Click on the write button from the main nav menu and you will be redirected to the Write Guest Article page. Write your tech-based article and click on the Publish button. Make sure your article over 1200 Words and you can include 2 backlinks per article. Also, make sure your article is unique and not re-written and obviously not copyrighted.

Q: What is the notification in PrograForum?
A: When a user will follow you or message you, or answer your question or vote your question etc. you will get the notification. To see notification click on the top notification icon or click the notification button from the man nav drop-down button.