.FLV File Extension

FLV File Extension/File Format

Files that end with .flv file extension indicate a formal flash video file. This file format is developed by Adobe System used as a plug-in in the Adobe Animate formally known as Flash. This flash video file type was originally developed by Macromedia but later it was managed by Adobe system in 2006. Adobe used this file format in the Adobe Flash (Now Animate from 2016) as a video exporter plug-in.

The encoding system of FLV flash file can deliver the digital video signal/digital video content (video song, movie, tv shows etc)  that can be played on a flash player supported CD/DVD console. This flash video file also used frequently over the internet.

To run FLV file on the Internet browser, the browser must have pre-installed the Adobe Flash Player 6 or newer versions. Almost all modern web browser has a pre-installed flash player with the latest version. You may be asked to allow the permission to use the Flash player when you request a flash file for the first time in your browser.

FLV file can be run on non-adobe program/third-party program because it is an open file format. You can play an FLV format video on the VLC media player which is a non-Adobe program. The codec of the FLV file is designed as the same manners of a standard Flash (SWF) file. That’s why the FLV file can be embedded into SWF file as well.

Name Description
File Extension example.flv
File Type Binary
File Category Video File
Developer Adobe Systems originally Macromedia
Status Active
Related Extension SWF File Extension

For frequent uses of FLV file over the internet, It has a specified Internet Media Type video/x-flv introduced by MIME. Adobe Systems found some disadvantage in the standard FLV file that’s why the introduced new derivatives of FLV file as the F4V file for exporting the Animate file. The F4V is ISO base media file format that supports H.264 video compression format and only AAC and MP3 audio compressions format. But the H.264 video format helped a lot for Adobe Systems, that’s why they moved to F4V file format to Standard FLV file extension.

But still, the FLV is the most popular & powerful Flash file because of its fantastic support of On2 VP6, Sorenson Spark, Screen video, Screen video 2 video compression support and also MP3, ADPCM, Nellymoser, AAC audio compression support.

How to Open FLV Files

FLV is actually a type of flash video file produce motion video content based on Adobe Flash Player codec. This file can be run on multiple consoles and operating system including smartphone, computer etc. Programs that support Adobe flash player can play FLV flash video.

Operating System Programs
Windows Media Player Classic
Winamp Video Player
VLC Media Player by Videolan
Adobe Flash Player
File Viewer Plus
Adobe Animate
MacOS Adobe Flash Player for Mac
Adobe Animate for Mac
Quick Time Video Player
Android RealPlayer
MX Player