Elastic Computing (EC)

Definition – What is Elastic Computing (EC)

In this real-time networking world, cloud computing is a very popular term for developers and webmasters. Elastic Computing (ES) is a type of cloud computing that consists of managing the cloud server dynamically.

Elastic Computing also called Elastic Computing Services(ECS) because it serves the websites Cloud Computing as a service.

Cloud Computing is very easy to manage and simpler than a physical server. The great feature of elastic cloud computing is elastic processing capabilities. Means you can create instances, change the OS and other variable things, add or remove instance any time, on demand migrating etc.

Many cloud service provider offers elastic computing. You can choose Amazon AWS ECS, Google Cloud ECS or Alibaba Cloud ECS.

Instances are the basic and core component of a Cloud elastic computing. However, networks, regions and zone, image, snapshot, the security group is the composite element of Elastic Computing.