.EIO File Extension

.EIO File Extension/File Type

Files that end with .EIO extension represents a rich text file designed and developed by Yozosoft. EIO file extension is used in the Yozo Office a rich text processing program that supports many document formatting features such as, rich text processing: Font size, font setting, image processing, graph chart, Worksheet, Presentation etc.

The Yozo Office written in Java Programming Language and runs on Windows and Linux operating system. Yozosoft is a China-based software company. Using Yozo Office you can open and edit multiple document type such as .doc, .docx, .xlsx file etc. Finally, .eio file can be exported from different types of document files.

Name Description
Developer Yozosoft
Category Text file
Status Actively used in Yozo Office

Create an EIO file

  • Install and Run the latest version of Yozo Office.
  • From the top drop-down menu select File → New
  • Create and edit your file in Yozo office workspace.
  • To export as EIO file, press the CTRL+S button. The save dialog box will appear. Choose the location on your hard drive then Name your .eio file (e.g: My_Document.EIO) and then Hit the Enter button.

You can also save the document in Yozo Office for other Office program such as Microsoft Office. You can also open and edit other text file (e.g: .docx, .xlsx file) and finally export as .eio file.

Programs that open .EIO File

The .EIO file extension based file can be viewed and edited by the official Yozo Office. However, some other rich text formatting software can open .EIO file. Yozo Office supported on Windows and Linux OS.

Operating System Program
  • Windows
  • Linux
Yozo Office by Yozosoft