Download Full Website for Access on Your Local Computer

Quick Start

Downloading a Website from the web to your computer can be done by many ways. In this article, I will show you how to Download a full website for accessing from your local computer. Because it can be a simplest to complicated process to download a website. But I will show you the easiest way of downloading. In this case, We will use a Software Utility to download.

First of all, you will need a Software installed on your PC that can be downloaded from here. After Installing process, simply follow the instruction given below to get done your job.

Steps to Download a Website

I am assuming that you have downloaded and installed the software. Now it is time to explain the downloading process. Let’s start.

  1. Run the software HTTrack from your Desktop icon. You will be prompted a pop-up window of the welcome message. Click on the next Button

2. Then Enter your Project name and Category name on the website that you want to download.

3. Then click on the next button. Now you will find a drop-down menu from the drop-down menu select Download Website(s). And then click on the Add URL button and enter your desired website URL to download.


4. Now Click on the Set Options and the unselect the use proxy for FTP transfers radio button and then click OK. See Screenshot below.

5. Now click on the Finish button, your download process will begin shortly.