DDoS Attack (Distributed Denial of Service Attack)

What is DDoS Attack

The Distributed Denial of Service also known as DDoS Attack is a type of online website attack tools implemented by hackers and used to flood a website with useless traffic to down a website. Hackers write malicious code and use it to attack a single online system either traffic or bandwidth or applications attack and attempt to down a website.

The victims of the DDoS attack are often infected by the trojan and some other type of virus that is enough to damage a site. The entire process maliciously used and handled by hackers. Although, there is some website exist on the web who provide direct DDoS attack services on a specific website by targeting the site URLs.

How DDoS Attack Works

Basically, hackers write some pieces of automation code that apply to the target website and send hundreds of thousand anonymous useless traffic request and often it went to out of control by the host service. Thus the website becomes unavailable and gone to offline. It is about impossible to stop the DDoS attack because the traffic or bandwidth request comes from different sources. So every source has a unique IP.

However, many website firewalls and security services are available online. They charge a specific amount on a monthly or yearly basis to protect a website. Some people say, the security providers or vendors write DDoS Attack and speared it among the web in order to increase their business revenue.

What kind of DDoS Attack are Available

There are many types of DDoS attack are available.  A smart hacker can write a unique attack system. So many types are unknown. Because many hackers write a unique type of virus for personal use only. However, the most common type of attack are:

  • Applications Attack – basically applied to web apps. Application attack uses the application surface layer and used to disconnect from the host service and makes a service unavailable.
  • Traffic Attack – a type of flooding that uses hundreds of thousand request to visit unique IP from the different sources also used to make a site offline or unavailable from online for a period of time.
  • Bandwidth Attack – Many junk data load by injecting into a specific site’s database and it is a cause of loss network bandwidth. When a site infected repeated time by bandwidth attack the site cannot control its uptime.