Domain Registration

Definition – What is Domain Registration

The term Domain Registration is the process of buying an alphabetical web address that is replaced by one or more specific IP address. Domain name is the unique name or web address in the www (world wide web). The US-based organization ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) manages all the domain information and corresponding associated IP addresses on their domain server.

Domain Registration
A Domain IP

A domain name can be registered from a domain registrar website by paying a 7.50$ to 35$ of yearly fees. The person or business who registers a domain name is called domain name registrant. A domain name registrant can register a name for up to 10 years at once or he can renew it yearly by paying the registration fee each year. Many registrars offer up to 100 years as registration period.

Domain Name Registrar

The person or business who register a domain name for the end users is called domain name registrar. All the information of a domain name stored and maintained in the root ICANN database by the intermediate registrar. Only a registrar can delete or modify a domain name information from the root database for those domains that are registered by the registrar company or transferred to them.

However, some simple modification can be performed by the domain name owner from the registrar website. Such as DNS server, A records, txt Records, SOA record, CNAME record etc with a limited customization.

To be a domain registrar, companies or persons must be registered to ICANN accredited. To be accredited by ICANN organizations must pay a fixed fee of 4000$ plus a variable fees that vary. Some of the most popular domain registrar from where you can register your domain name: Godaddy, eNom, Namecheap, Bluehost (Also provides hosting) etc.

Domain Registration Requirements

Domain registration is a very simple process. To register a domain name, first of all, you have to choose your desired domain name. After choosing your domain name now its time to check its availability. If your desired domain is already registered by another user from any registrar, you won’t able to register that name again.

So choose an available domain name, choose your registrar from where you can register your domain name. There are many domain name registrar available on the web. The most popular domain registrars are Godaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap etc. Then from the domain registration panel select your configuration and complete the process by paying the annual fee by credit card or PayPal whatever payment method supports the registrar.