.doc File Extension

What is a DOC File Extension

A DOC file is a computer file that contains text and media file and widely used in the computer-based official documentary system and many other purposes. A DOC file has a .doc file extension. DOC file generally processes the text through computer programming instruction often called Text Processing.

The DOC file originally designed and developed by Microsoft and used in MS Office and related Microsoft product. Many others text processor uses this DOC file extension conventionally for text processing purposes. Such as Open Office Writer or Apple Pages.

A DOC file can contain formatted text, Image, video, chart, graph etc. DOC file can be opened by various software and programs on multiple platforms such as Windows PC, MacOS, Android, iOS etc. To open a DOC file you will need specific supported DOC file viewer installed on your PC or Smartphone such as MS Office.

More Information about DOC

DOC is actually a Document file formats with .doc file name extension. It is an open format filename extension for document file that designed and developed by Microsoft. This file mainly used for processing plaintext but It also can contain another component like image, chart, diagram etc for visual presentation. This file is widely compatible with most eDevice that can run an Operating System either Mobile Phone (Smartphone) or Computer or any kind of embedded system.

In the Document File Formats file, they can be divided into some types Rich Text Format and Hyperlink Markup Language etc. Markup language basically used on the web for the presentation of web pages. But for Official document and printing, almost everyone uses Rich Text Format that actually processes the other media file with text.

Applications that Opens .DOC File

As .DOC file extension is developed and maintained by Microsoft itself. That’s why it is the native file format for the Microsoft Office family. But .doc file format is an open file format. So other text processors use this file format for text processing or word processing purpose.

For example, Apple pages, IBM Lotus Symphony, OpenOffice.org writer, AbiWord etc. But for other Word Processor without Microsoft office, opens doc file with many limitations.