How to Disable This Apps Preventing Shutdown in Windows 10

If you are a regular Windows user then you may notice that sometimes when you attempt to restart or shutdown your computer you get a warning message like this either Closing apps and shut down, Go back and save your work Click cancel and Finish what you need to or This app preventing shutdown. Have you ever thought that why this message sometimes appear and sometimes not?

This message is shown at a particular time while attempting to shut down the system. This message only is shown when some un save task remains on your computer. For instance, if you open notepad and write some documents and then directly trying to close the notepad. Basically, you will get a warning message of the saving file. Exactly in this case when some tasks are unsaved on your system and at this time if you are directly attempting to shut down or restart you get this warning message each time.

This can also happen by others program that running and remains some unsaved tasks. Windows don’t have auto closing functionality and obviously, it is quite helpful. Because it prevents unwanted data losing. But still, you can remove this warning message. That means you can shut down your computer for the first attempt without a warning screen. Let’s do it!

Disable the Warning Screen

We will disable the warning message through regedit. We will add a new registry that says to close running apps automatically. As you may already know regedit is a very sensitive place in Windows. Wrong regedit editing may crash your system and stop working entirely. So to avoid unwanted system crash we highly recommended to create a backup registry file or you can create the system restore point.

Now open your regedit dashboard. To open regedit control panel press Win + R shortcut from your keyboard. The run dialog box will open. In the open text field write regedit and then hit enter.

Now locate the following path:

Computer\HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop

Now take the cursor at a blank space and right click on the mouse. From only option select New>String value. Name it as AutoEndTasks the press enter. Now double-click on the newly created registry file, a popup box will appear. Enter 1 in the value field ( Here 1 mention the logical 1 that indicate ‘true’ value) and then click Ok to save the file.

Disable This Apps Preventing Shutdown in Windows 10

Now, try to perform a shut down while an unsaved document remains on your system. It should work.

hope this helps!

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