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Dhaka University Overview

+ Subscribe The University of Dhaka is the major university in Bangladesh. It was established on before 1921 and first opened on 1st July in 1921. The first Vice-Chancellor of the University was Sir P.J. Hartog was a British chemist and educationalist.

Currently, up to 37K students are studying and about 1890 teachers are teaching in this leadership institute. While the university started with 12 departments under 3 faculties that was lead by only 60 teachers. At the beginning point of the journey of this university, the number of students was also fewer. According to DUBD (Dhaka University of Bangladesh) in 1921, only 877 students were admitted from all over the country.

Currently Dhaka university is available for International Students besides native students. Currently, there are 23 halls for the students and dormitories for the teachers and for the officials of the university. In the large campus, there are available libraries, Health Services, Cafeteria and natural scenery.

Topic Description
 Name  University of Dhaka
 Motto Truth Shall Prevail
 Established  1921
 Type  Public
Vice-Chancellor  Mohammad Akhtaruzzaman
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UG Students  23650
PG Students  8400
Ph.D. Students  978
Location  Dhaka, Bangladesh (Urban)

Available Program

Study Program and Course are categorized by faculty and department in this institute. The available courses are divided into 84 departments and distributed into 13 faculties.

  • Faculty of Arts (16 departments)
  • Faculty of Business Study (9 Departments)
  • Faculty of biology science (10 Departments)
  • Faculty of Education (no dep. included)
  • Faculty of Fine Arts (8 departments)
  • Faculty of law (Unique department)
  • Faculty of medicine
  • Faculty of Technology & modern engineering (5 departments)
  • Postgraduates medical research
  • faculty of pharmacy (4 departments)
  • Faculty of science (6 departments)
  • Faculty of Social Science (15 departments)
  • Faculty of Environmental Science (5 Departments)

Scholarships & Financial Aid

DU support for Scholarships and financial aid for students on various criteria.

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