DB2 Tutorial

DB2 Tutorial

This DB2 Tutorial has been designed for absolute beginners, self-learners and database professionals who want to archive the basic and advanced concept of IBM DB2 database management system and its implementations with real-world applications.

ibm db2 tutorial for beginners progracoding

In this DB Tutorial course, we will provide practical examples of implementation of the DB2 database that will help you to get the actual concept of DB2 very easily.

So What is DB2

DB2 is a “Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)” designed and developed by IBM in 1990. DB2 can be used to store, modify, delete, retrieve data from the DB2 server. DB2 server is a cross-platform product of IBM. It can be run on the most popular operating system including Windows, Linux, Unix and much more.

DB2 can be extended with object-oriented features. Although it is a relational database management system, with its object-oriented feature it can be used with XML to format non-relational data structure.

You Should Know Already

Nothing. If you want to learn DB2 for archiving database knowledge only you can start learning DB2 without any prior programming knowledge. Without having any programming experience, you will understand almost all the basic and advanced operation and syntax of DB2.

ButIf you want to process DB2 data from COBOL programming language then you must have prior knowledge of COBOL and JCL programming language. Here I specially mentioned the COBOL programming language to work with the DB2 database system. Because DB2 is a database system that is very portable for mainframe computing. And you may already know COBOL is suitable for mainframe programming as well as it is also suitable with DB2.

COBOL Tutorial JCL Tutorial

What’s next?

In the next subsequent chapters, we will discuss the DB2 from very basic to the advanced topic After completing this course, you will be able to create and store data, modify data, delete data in the DB2 server. So let’s get started