D Tutorial

Introduction – What is D?

D is a multi-paradigm, imperative, object-oriented, general purpose, high-level programming language designed and developed by Walter Bright at D Language Foundation. D is a cross-platform supported programming language can run on Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc. It is not scripting language or interpreted language, D is actually a compiled language and doesn’t have a VM like java.

D is considered to be a distinct language. It influenced by many other high-level languages like java, python, C, C#, etc. But it is actually the re-engineered version of C++ programming language. D is actually a system programming language. But because of its multi-paradigm feature, it can be used in other application domain like desktop application development.

Why You Should Learn D?

First of all, D is very easy to learn. Because D is a high-level generic programming language that allows more readability. The name the name. As D is the re-engineered version of C++ so that it has been designed for some special purpose to make it programmer-friendly. The reasons that will inspire you to learn D are:

  • Enable writing fast the source code and less coding than other languages like C++.
  • It actually supports memory safe programming.
  • Its crystal clear syntax and paradigm will keep away from making program error like Syntax error, runtime error, etc.
  • It supports up to five types of paradigm: structured, imperative, object-oriented, generic and even functional programming. That is really cool.
  • Programmers are able to build lightweight and standalone programs easily etc.

Code Example

D has a crystal clear program syntax. Here a simple source code example of D. For now you don’t have to notice anything about syntax. We will learn about syntax and program procedure in details later on.

class Foo
        int foo(Bar c) { return c.bar; }
class Bar
        int bar() { return 3; }

Uses of D

Many successful companies and organization use D programming as their core language or partial language. D can be used extensively to produce different kinds of functional and standalone applications. Companies like eBay, Facebook, Remedy, AdRoll, and many others use D programming for some of their projects. Weka.io use D as their primary language. D programming language can be extensively used in:

  • Desktop Application Development for a variety of Platforms like Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
  • Web services and Web applications
  • Server and Networking
  • System and System software Development etc.

About this Tutorial Series

This tutorial series of D programming language actually designed for the beginners and self-learners. But it will be also helpful for advanced users Because this course also discusses advanced concept and technique in the later chapter. Keep learning!

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