Computer Programmer

Definition – What is Computer Programmer

The person who is responsible for designing and developing computer internal system using the computer programming language and solving the real world problem by writing and developing software program rather than building a piece of Hardware. A programmer can use any reliable programming language to implement the code. Like, C, C#, Java, Python etc.

Computer Programmer actually talks to Computer. They have a wide variety of technical skill for implementing the computer source code. A programmer can write down the code for different purposes and he has a deep critical thinking level. To be a programmer at least one must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science field.

Explanation of Computer Programmer

The world first computer programmer was British countess and mathematician Ada Lovelace. At first, she published and programming algorithm in 1842. Since then, many programming languages and programming tools have been developed. There are two broad types of computer programmer can be grouped: System programmer who responsible for developing the system and Application/Software Programmer who resposible for developing software for the system. System programmer develops the core system like Operating System using languages like C or Java. And Application programmer builds software to run the program on the OS.

Another major responsibility of a computer programmer is Software testing and Software debugging. While writing the source code three kinds of error can be made by the programmer (i) Syntax Error (ii) Logical Error and (iii) runtime error. To fix the program, a programmer finds out the problem and fix it is called testing and debugging.