Computer Networking Topologies

Topologies are a very important concept in computer networking. Setting up a computer network by connecting multiple computers can be done by a different directional wire connection.

The topology actually refers to how and in which direction two or multiple computers are connected. Each topology has its own advantage and disadvantage. Let’s talk about some kinds of topologies that are frequently used for creating networking zone.

Bus Topology

When two or multiple computers are connected with a single common cable is called serial bus topology. It is a one-directional data transfer system. Data can flow one start point to the end point of the common cable. The common cable is also known as backbone cable. The specific number of drop cables is required to connect with a specific number of station.

The advantage of bus topology is, it is very cost effective to make a small network. Because the common cable is not expensive compared to other topology.

Bus Topologies

But the problems are, the common or backbone cable fails then the entire network will be corrupted. If a specific station uses heavy data transmission then the other user will be slow. It is one kind of shared connection.

Mesh Topology

When a dedicated data routing network to be created then mesh topology come in handy. In a mesh topology, two or multiple computers are connected with separate dedicated links or channel to each other. Mesh topology provides a dedicated data transfer rate with no drop point. It also provides higher security than bus topology.

Mesh topology is very reliable networking system for transferring data with higher bandwidth. It is a secure data transfer medium because for sending data each station use dedicated connection via different channel and links.

Mesh Topologies

There are some problems with mesh topology are, it is very difficult to install and configure, and the wiring is expensive while it is a bulk wiring topology. Lots of wire is needed to connect each link or channel. The maintaining cost is also high.

Ring Topology

Devices are connected in such a way that they make from of a ring is called ring topology. Ring topology is something different from others. One of the connected devices works as a monitor station each time pass the data through the cable ring. This process circulates again and again. Devices each time receive and release a token while passing data. There are two kinds of receive-release technique, (i) Early token release (ii) Delay release token. We will talk about in details about this in the later chapters.

Ring Topologies

Although ring topology is easy to install, configure and expand. But it Troubleshooting is difficult compared to others. Adding a new station or removing one from a ring topology can corrupt the whole system.

Star Topology

In the star topology, every station is connected with a central hub to receive and send data directly with the central hub. If any reason the center hub fails then the whole will fail. Installation cost of the star topology is high.

Star Networking Topologies
Star Networking Topologies

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