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The computer is fully based on digital content and files. All the computers work in the same workflow and principle. If you create a file or important document on your Computer then you may want to share with another computer. So here the Computer Networking concept arises. How can you share these files with another computer?

To share the file you must have a medium. By using that medium you can actually share the files with your friends or anyone else. And the medium is computer networking. It does not matter which method you are using to share your file, either by cable or wireless medium. All the possible method will be included in the computer networking field.

In this series of tutorial/Article, we will learn in depth how computer networking actually works. We will try to cover all the basic and fundamental concept to advanced concept of Computer Networking.

Info: After reading this full series of the tutorial you will be able to understand how does the computer network work. Even you will understand in just a moment every time you share a file between any electronic device or multiple electronic devices.

So what is Computer Networking?

A computer network can be considered as a system that follows some common standards in order to communicate between two computers or across multiple computers. The purpose of communication is to exchange files and services (e:g: Document, Media files, printers) etc with each other device.

See example below:

transferring files between two computers

In the example above, there are just two computers connected directly by using cable. This network can be used for transferring two files between just two computers. So what to do when you want to transfer the file across multiple devices at the same time?

In this case, we must have a switch or hub to transfer the file to multiple computers from a specific computer. This is commonly called interconnected computer networking. Now you may ask, what is Switch or Hub? well, you don’t need to know about these terms right now. We will talk about all these terms and workflow even about development in further lessons. For now, just remember, for interconnected networking we will need hub or Switch.

We will learn about the basic networking concept in the next lesson. Have fun 🙂 !


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