Computer Hardware

Hardware indicates the physical component of any kind of object. Such as Home Hardware, Digital Electronics Hardware, Household Hardware, Music Hardware, Military Hardware, Networking Hardware, Computer Hardware etc.

In this series of tutorial, we will learn the most aspect of Computer hardware. Basically, computer hardware represents the physical parts of a computer that can be touched and seen. Fundamentally, a computer is constructed by two different objects, one is Hardware and another object is Software.

The software is the programming code that maintains all the task and function. But all the Software is embedded into the Hardware. It is just like Body and Soul. Hardware is the body of a Computer and Software is the Soul. So obviously there is a complementary relation between Software and Hardware.

What is the Relation Between Hardware and Software

  • First of all, for the existing of a computer, there must have an architecture of hardware, generally called Computer hardware.
  • Without software, the hardware is a dead body/rigid body because hardware and software are complementary depended on each other.
  • A software is developed but it can be utilized without helping proper setup of Hardware.
  • If you want to buy a computer, Hardware is one time expenses. But software is limited for a certain time period (For pro software only). After expire the time you have to renew to reuse. (e:g: Adobe Premiere Pro)

Some Essential Computer Hardware

Computer Input: Keyboard, Touch Pen, Mouse etc.
Computer Output: USB Cable, Printer, Monitor, Speaker, Studio Monitor etc
Internal Device: CPU, Graphics Card, Motherboard etc
Storage Device: Hard Drive Disk, CD ROM, USB Pendrive, RAM

computer hardware

What is the Next?

In the further articles of this series, we will learn all the basic and advanced concept of the computer hardware and their setup. For technical learners, we will discuss those hardware basic creation process.


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