COBOL Tutorial

Introduction – What is COBOL?

COBOL is an imperative, procedural and object-oriented high-level programming language. It was actually designed for business purpose and that’s why COBOL stands for “Common business-oriented language“. It is an early stage of high-level programming language and first appeared in 1959, designed and developed by CODASYL.

COBOL has English-like syntax and that’s why it is very easy to learn and program. It primarily used in business application development. COBOL can process a large scale of data very easily. But COBOL can’t be used to develop system software. COBOL source codes and source files are saved with .cbl, .cob, .cpy file extension. COBOL maintain the typing discipline of weak and static.

Why You Should Learn COBOL?

If you want to work as a programmer in a large business company where the company process large scale of data the learning COBOL can help you to work there comfortably. It is widely used legacy language deployed on the mainframe computers.

COBOL can handle large-scale transaction and batch processing easily. Although COBOL has poor support of Structured programming, it is extensively used to write administrative and financial cooperative software. One of the good features of COBOL is, it is fully compatible with previous versions. It’s very easy English-like syntax made easy to write code. Finding bugs and program error like syntax error, logical error and runtime error can be found and fixed easily.

Features of COBOL

  • Business-oriented: COBOL is not a general purpose language. It is specially designed for business application development. Because it can handle huge data processing without any latency.
  • Object-oriented: In the version release of 2002, COBOL started support for object-orientation. It enables COBOL to write even more powerful business application.
  • Standard Language: COBOL is a standard language that can be compiled and executed on a variety of devices like personal computers and mainframe computers like IBM AS/400

Uses of COBOL

COBOL was mainly designed for very large data processing without any latency. That’s why it is used in the business domain. As it is not a general purpose programming language, it is only used in large companies, administrative function, and financial field.

About this Tutorial Series

This Series of tutorial is written for the beginners and self-learners who want the most basic concept of COBOL programming language. The later chapters of this series also discuss the advanced concepts.

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