How to Change Mouse Scroll Speed on Linux Mint

Linux Mint is one of the most used, popular and best light-weight distros of Linux operating system. It’s simple interface made it easy to operate the functionality. Although Linux Mint is very simple yet it is a very powerful cross perform operating system because of its universal portability. In this article, we will learn, How to change mouse scroll speed.

Linux Mint comes with three different flavors, Mint Cinnamon, Mint MATE, and Mint Xfce. You won’t find the settings for changing mouse scroll speed. Because by default Linux mint does not support this feature.

However, You can do this using a third-party script and can be installed through a few simple commands.

Way to Change Mouse Scroll Speed on Linux Mint

The following way of changing mouse scroll speed should work on all the three distros of Linux Mint. I’m using my favorite distros, Cinnamon. You can try to configure on other distros.

  1. First of all, open your terminal by pressing CTRL + Alt + T from your keyboard. For any permission corruption access for root by $ sudo su command.
    Access Root in Linux Mint
  2. Now we will install a third-party script called IMWHEEL by following commands.
    sudo apt install imwheel
    cd ~/; wget -O;
    chmod +x; sh; exit
  3. After giving the second command you will notice a popup scroll speed changing interface will appear. Set your desired scroll speed from the triggers. The optimum speed may be set to 3 or 4. Try yourself by changing randomly and select which is perfect for you.
    IMWHEEL Mouse Scroll Speed Interface
  4. Now it is time to set up the IMWHEEL script in the startup app list. Because every time you will start your system the imwheel script also has to be started, otherwise it won’t work.
    To add IMWHEEL to your startup app list go to startup app settings then click on the Plus ( + ) button > Custom Command. Then in the name and command field enter imwheel like the image below. Then click Add button to add the imwheel to startup list.
    Setup IMWHEEL to startup app list
  5. Now restart your computer. Hope that it will work.

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