How to Change Background Color in MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor is a drag-drop software application builder used by million drag-drop android software developer and sometimes iOS application developer. You can easily create your own software by using your basic logic. Programming languages like Java, Objective C or C++ are not required. Means, if you don’t know the programming technique, still you can develop software application on your own. You can create your own software from your web browser alone. No other software is not required.

Just go to your web browser and type It is the official builder link. But this builder is distributed to many sites with a custom and different look. Other platforms are available such as Thunkable, Appybuilder, Makeroid, etc.

The advantage of MIT App Inventor

There is some advantage you will feel while developing software on MIT App Inventor and Related site. For example:

  • You do not need to install any kinds of software for building your app.
  • You can use a Modern web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc for developing your app.
  • No programming language is required to build software, you need the basic knowledge to be a developer.
  • App Inventor is extremely light-weight. Means, you can build from any kind of Computer, PC or laptop or even through the smartphone.

The disadvantage of MIT App Inventor

Obviously, there are many advantages to MIT App Inventor for the non-technical developer. But there are also some disadvantages you will see while developing the app in MIT App Inventor. For example:

  • Your app won’t be professional as an app created in Android Studio or Other IDE.
  • If you render an app that should be 1 MB of size, but in App Inventor the minimum size will be 4 MB.
  • You can not use every component for building an app. You can not use any custom feature on your own. But you can use the extension to do this (if the extension is available). But it is also not professional.
  • Professional Developer or App company never use this kind of builders.

Changing Background Color

We will use Thunkable to change the background color of a screen. To do this first of all login to our Thunkable account. Then create a new activity or screen. Then click on the Screen name from the right-side of the computer monitor located under the component section.

change background color MIT App Inventor

When the screen name is selected, now from the properties section select “Background color” option. Then select any predefined colors by color name or you can use your custom color by color code or by dragging the color bar. The background color will be changed.

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