Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Definition – central Processing Unit (CPU)

 A Central Processing Unit widely known as CPU is an ultra-compressed electronic circuit used in computers hardware. It process instruction defined by computer programming language and perform computing tasks. CPU can handle almost all kinds of data such as arithmetic, control, logical and input-output operation Defined by the program instruction. In general, CPU is called as a processor traditionally. CPU is the main point of execution program instruction that stored in the primary memory that’s why most of the times, it is referred as the brains of the computer.

CPU - Central Processing Unit
CPU – Central Processing Unit

A modern CPU can operate & execute hundred of thousand logical operations at a time that made it’s so faster in the computing field. That’s why your computer can perform a task very quickly. This is because of all CPU’s are microprocessor and highly integrated into a single circuit board.

Modern CPUs (Multi-core processor)

AMD & Intel is most popular CPU maker these days. You may hear the term “multi-core processors”. What does actually mean by the multi-core processor? It is actually referred to computer CPUs. When two or more processing and control unit attached to the same IC (integrated circuit) called multi-processor. Here, core means a single CPU. So multi-core processor is actually multi CPU in a single integrated circuit (IC). It makes our computer super faster. 

CPU Revolution

Since the concept of CPU has been introduced in the early of 1945, the implementation has been changed over times. But the very basic operation remains unchanged such as Arithmetic logic unit, logic operation etc. However, the design of CPU changed over time by its hardware component, company and engineers. Some remarkable changes are:

  • Transistor CPUs
  • Large-scale integration CPUs
  • Small-scale integration CPUs
  • Microprocessor etc

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How CPUs Work

All the CPUs workflow are almost same. The most basic operation is logical operation implemented by the program. The first step of operation is fetching the program code and data. After fetching the next operation is decoding the fetched data. And finally, a CPU execute the data. This process repeats again and again in a certain pattern and completes an entire process on the computer. The type of process depends on the program instruction written by the computer programmer.