.CALCA File Extension

CALCA File Extension/File Type

A File that ends with .calca file extension is a simple text file designed and developed by Krueger Systems Calca a  symbolic text editor that used to calculate math problems that are written in a .calca text fileCalca is a programmatic math problem-solving tools for engineers and scientist.

The older version of Calca program used the .txt file extension for solving math. But later they developed their own file extension called .calca to solve math.

Math Solving Procedure

Calca uses a simple text file with .calca file extension to solve mathematics problems. It is a real-time problem solving symbolic calculator. When you run the Calca program and type your math equation the file is stored in your hard drive as .calca file before solving the math.

In the plain text format, you can write variables, function, mathematical simple or complex equation even you can solve matrix using Calca.

Example math:

item price = $350,000
down payment = 20% * item price => $70,000
net finance amount
= item price - down payment
=> $280,000

interest rate = 3.7%/year
payment term = 30year

n = payment term * 12/year => 360
r = interest rate / (12/year) => 0.0031

monthly payment
= r/(1 - (1 + r)^(-n)) * net finance amount
=> $1,288.7924

Programs that open CALCA File

CALCA is a cross-platform program which can be run on Windows, MacOS and iOS. To run on windows your window should have minimum Windows XP or newer version. The Windows .NET 3.5 Framework also requires to run CALCA.

Operating System Programs
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • iOS
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