C# Tutorial

Introduction – What is C#?

C# Pronounced as “C Sharp” is a modern, general-purpose, an interactive, imperative, declarative, and object-oriented programming language based on C and C++, designed and developed by Microsoft. To compile and run C# source code Microsoft .NET framework  or .NET Core is required. C# is approved by EMCA and ISO standards.

C# also consists of the combination of C++ and java programming language because of its Java-like object orientation. And the basic syntax and other program procedures are inherited from C and C++.

C# was designed and led by Anders Hejlsberg. This language was intended to be simple and modern and first appeared in 2000. As C# is based on Common Language Infrastructure, It can be used for a wide variety of application domain and it is also device and platform-independent. The general syntax of C# is based on C/C++ or Java. If you know them already then it will be fun to teach you C#. But If you don’t know them you can also start learning.

Why You Should Learn C#

There are many reasons you will find that will inspire you to learn C#. To be a better computer programmer more specifically windows developer, then the skill of C# can really help you to drive in. Some of the reasons are:

  • High-Level Syntax made easy: C# is a very high-level programming language that allows ultimate readability and easy to learn the syntax. So you can start along with .NET framework and .NET Core.
  • Object-oriented: C# is an object-oriented programming language. Programmers can divide the code into classes that are very helpful to manipulate the code and enables an interactive software development environment.
  • Desktop and Web application: C# is used by hundreds of thousand programmers to develop the desktop application mainly. But it also can be used for web application development that gives enough flexibility.
  • Enterprise Software and Game Development: You know, for gaming windows platforms are best ever. C# has a huge contribution to the development of the modern desktop game. It is extensively used for developing enterprise software like Adobe Photoshop.
  • Even mobile application: C# also can be used to develop high-performance Android and iOS applications. 

Uses of C#

The applications of C# in this real-world is very extensive. It is used different application domain, some of them are:

  • Developing Microsoft product: C# is specially designed for Microsoft. A large scale software and program are using the C# source code as the core language.
  • Interactive Web Services: There are lots of Website and web services are functioning with C#. Using C# very interactive, secure and powerful web services can be developed.
  • Desktop development: One of the most uses of C# is desktop application development. Especially Microsoft .NET framework comes with C# distribution. And nearly every windows software uses C# code for functioning modern applications.
  • C# with Game engine Unity: Another core uses of C# language is to develop video games and other desktop games with Unity game engine.

About this Tutorial Series

This series of C# Tutorial has been designed for absolute beginners and self-learners. Because it discusses the C# from the very beginning to advanced. Advanced learners can learn from the advanced section given in the later chapters.

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