C Programming Tutorial

Overview – C Programming

C is a procedural and general-purpose Programming language designed and developed by Dennis M. Ritchie in 1972 at Bell Laboratories which was industrial research and scientific development company. Initially, the main purpose of the development of this language was to develop the UNIX Operating System. C is a widely-used programming language for system software development like Operating System, Compiler, Interpreter and other system programs.

C is actually a high-level programming language and it allows a very low label memory access and many other high-level features that made the language widely accepted. Most of the universities teach C as the first programming language. There are many reasons for that you should learn C programming language.

Why C Programming?

Most of the students and self-learners learn C programming as their first programming language. There are lots of valid reason you will find behind this. Let’s see what will inspire you to learn C as your first language. But if you already know another language then you can also learn C from here.

  • C is a high-level language that’s why it is easy to learn.
  • It allows very low-level memory access
  • Programs written in C can run on most of the machine
  • It is a structured language, that’s why it is easy to read
  • You can write an entire system using C
  • You can write high-quality applications using C
  • No programming experience is needed to learn C
  • C is built in Simple syntax and function implementation

Possibilities of C

Although C was initially developed for creating system application more specifically UNIX operating system. But it is also widely used for creating a software application that runs on a variety of system. C is also used to program in embedded system and devices. The usage possibilities of C programming might be:

  • Language Interpreter
  • Language Compiler
  • Assemblers
  • Database Manager
  • Text Editor
  • Operating System
  • Network Driver
  • Different software tools
  • Game programming
  • Embedded programming etc.

If you want to be a smart computer programmer then you should know how to program the above systems and software. And the best way to program them is learning C programming.

Required Knowledge

C programming is actually very easy to learn. You don’t need any previous language experience to start learning C. But if you have other language experiences then it will help to grab C easily.

But after all, at least you should have prior knowledge of basic programming tools and computer essential like what is text editor, what is compilers, etc.

All right, I think you got a lot of reason for learning the C programming. In the later tutorial, we will learn step-by-step in details about C programming. Let’s begin. Hope you will enjoy!