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  • First-class Function

    In computer programming, when a function can be passed as an argument through other function is called the first-class function. First-class functions act like ordinary values of a variable.

  • Bytecode

    The term Bytecode refers to a type of code for execution of a programming language generated by a software program called virtual machine or VM. Bytecode is neither compiled code…

  • 1st Generation Language

    1st Generation Languages also known as machine language or low-level language that was used to program the first generation computer.

  • High-Level Programming Language

    A high-level programming language is a programming language that is intended to be considered as the 3rd generation of the programming language evaluation.

  • System Programming

    System programming is a type of computer programming that involves the development of the core system (e.g: Operating System). The main function of system programming is to connect the system…

  • Fortran (Programming language)

    Python is a generic, multi-paradigm, object-oriented, structured programming language designed by John Backus at IBM and first appeared in 1957.

  • PIP – Python Package Manager

    PIP is a command line tool for Python Programming language. PIP is used to manage the python packages. By using PIP tools you can install, uninstall and manage available python…

  • Automated Clearing House Network (ACH)

    Automated Clearing House Network, in short, known as ACH Network - is an electronic payment processing system in the United States. It processes a large volume of transactions including direct…

  • General Purpose Programming Language

    General Purpose Programming language is very useful for the computer programmers for working on a variety of applications domain with a single general purpose programming language like Java Programming

  • Software Testing

    Software testing is a step of the software development process. In this step of the software development process, computer programmers find out the bugs and program error by running the…

  • Syntax Error

    Definition – What is Syntax Error Every programming language has its own basic syntax. Basic syntax consists of some notation and signs to construct programming instruction. While writing source code…

  • Software Development

    Software Development is the process of planning, designing and building computer program using different computer programming languages and other development concepts.

  • Algorithm

    The term algorithm refers to the procedure of solving a problem by writing down the instruction step by step using natural language and logic. The purpose of using an algorithm…

  • Software Debugging

    The Term Debugging refers to the process of resolving program bugs found in the software testing phase. In general, a computer programmer or software developer is responsible for finding and…

  • Logical Error

    The Logical Error is a program error made by the programmer while writing the program source code. In general, logical error executes unexpected results for logic value. Both interpreter and…

  • Runtime Error

    In computer Science Runtime refers to a running software program. The runtime also called execution time. And runtime error is a kind of Computer program error basically occurs during a…

  • Computer Science

    The Term Computer Science refers to the study of computing and development of computer system including hardware architecture and software design. The study of Computer science can be divided into…

  • Computer Programmer

    The person who is responsible for designing and developing computer internal system using the computer programming language and solving the real world problem by writing and developing software program rather…

  • Hardware (H/W)

    The term Hardware actually refers to a physical rigid body that is visible and have existed in real life. In the technology field, Hardware means computer hardware by default

  • Networking

    When a branch of Computer is interconnected through a reliable medium such as Wired, Radio, LAN, PAN, WAN, etc then the entire system is called networking.