How to Flash any Samsung Phone and Tablet using Odin

Flash your Samsung Phone with Original System file by using odin

Downloads and Requirements

First of all, flashing a phone means, you probably install your system file on your phone. Generally, when you face problem using your phone or sometime any virus may damage your system file or unfortunately, you may delete your system file. Then your phone does not work properly or may do not work entirely. In this case, you need to flash the system by a external computer using a USB cable and a Software called Odin available for Windows and Mac.

To flash an android phone (In this article we will discuss only Samsung brand)  you have to download the system file matching with your phone from the phone developer site. Then you have to download some software for your computer in order to complete the flashing process.

What do I need to Flash?

  1. Internet Connection for download necessary things
  2. Firmware (Entire System file) of the device\
  3. A software called Odin for the installation process.
  4. A USB cable for connecting your phone to computer.

Download the Necessary thing from the link given below.

  1. Firmware or system or flash file of any Samsung phone and tablet from here
  2. Odin Software from here
  3. USB Driver for flashing process download from here
Warnings: Follow every step carefully otherwise your device may damage. 

Flashing process for Samsung

First of all, Install the USB Driver Software from the above link to flash your Samsung phone.  After Downloading the flash file or firmware for your desired phone unzip the file on your desktop. Then Install the Odin software that you downloaded just now from the above link.

How to Flash any Samsung Phone and Tablet using Odin - PrograCoding - Mehrab Mohul

Switch off and remove your MicroSD card from your phone for security purpose. Make sure your phone is charged. Now turn on the download mode on your phone/tablet/device. To active the download mode, Press at once, Volume down key+Home key+Power Key. A warning screen will appear. The release all button. Now press the Volume up key.



Connect your Phone to the computer with a USB cable. Now Run Odin as Administrator (Important). Make sure that your Phone is connected properly to your computer. To check this, see the log bar as <ID:****> Added!! something like that. If it shows with an ID number then you can be sure that your computer is connected to the phone.

How to Flash any Samsung Phone and Tablet using Odin - PrograCoding - Mehrab Mohul

Now, Click on the AP button and browse the .tar.md5 file that you downloaded and extracted from the above link. All done! Now, wait for the “Pass!” message in the status bar. After coping system files your phone will be restarted automatically and your phone will run without any problem with the new flash file.

How to Flash any Samsung Phone and Tablet using Odin

Having Problem with Odin?

If the process does not work, then your system and setup maybe crashed. In this case do the following,

  • Try to re-install the Samsung Driver to the latest version.
  • Use another cable and as well as another USB port on your computer.
  • Restart your Computer before performing the above action again
  • The tar.md5 file may crash while downloading. Re-download the compact file again and try.
  • Sometimes, the entire flash may take up to 15-30 minute. Wait for that and do not remove your battery at this time.
  • If the flash does not work after 15-30 minute. Wipe / Erase your data from your Phone by following this instruction and then reboot. Hope that it will work.

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