Learn to Code

  • Javascript Variables

    Javascript variables work as data containers. Means, variables store and sort a number of data types for calculation and to use the data in the future when the data is…

  • Javascript Comments

    Comments are very useful for understanding complex code by explaining the complexity using plain language. In programming languages, comments are ignored by compiler, interpreter, translator.

  • Javascript Basic Syntax

    Javascript is a high-level programming language. It has a rich syntax that enable highly human-readable. The rich syntax made the language easy, simple but yet it is very powerful.

  • Javascript Output

    Javascript can execute data and send them to the user display. In Javascript, you can display Javascript output data in a variety of ways.

  • Javascript Expressions

    In Javascript, the expression refers to a logical or mathematical equation for calculating a specific thing.

  • Javascript Hello, World Program!

    We can use both inline Javascript or external Javascript for Hello, World program. In this tutorial, we will use internal or inline Javascript.

  • Javascript Implementation

    You can insert or implement Javascript using two different ways including inline implementation and external method.

  • Javascript Environment Setup

    As we already know, Javascript is an interpreted language. So before running a block of Javascript code, we have to translate the code using a Javascript Interpreter.

  • Javascript Statement

    While writing Javascript source code into a source file, we actually write a set of Javascript statement. Every programming language has statements like Javascript.

  • Javascript Core Usage

    Javascript can be used in browser and non-browser environment. In the non-browser environment, it can be used in server-side scripting for making even more complex system.

  • Javascript Tutorial

    JavaScript is a high-level functional and interpreted programming language. Javascript appeared first in 1995 as ECMAScript later it was renamed as JavaScript.

  • Generation of Computer Programming Languages

    To understand the types and categories, programming language also can be divided into generations. Since the development of programming language, all the languages can be categorized into a total of…

  • Introduction to Python Programming

    Python is a very simple yet very powerful programming language used by many professionals and big companies like google worldwide. Its syntax is very easy to understand because of English like syntax features.

  • Introduction to GO Programming

    GO is an object-oriented, general-purpose, concurrent, multi-paradigm and functional programming language designed and developed by Rob Pike and the Go Authors.

  • Introduction to F# Programming

    F# is a general purpose, object-oriented, multi-paradigm, scripting, concurrent and strongly typed programming language designed by Don Syme at Microsoft F# Software Foundation in the mid of 2005. This language…

  • Introduction to Erlang Programming

    Erlang is a multi-paradigm, general purpose, concurrent and functional programming language designed and developed by Joe Armstrong at Ericsson electronic company. This language massively used in e-commerce, banking, telecom, instant…

  • Introduction to Dart Programming

    Dart is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented (Class-based), scripting, functional and general purpose programming language developed by Google in 2011. Practical uses of Dart is to develop server, web applications, even desktop,…

  • Introduction to COBOL Programming

    COBOL is an imperative, procedural and object-oriented high-level programming language. It was actually designed for business purpose and that's why COBOL stands for "Common business-oriented language".

  • Introduction to C# Programming

    C# Pronounced as "C Sharp" is a modern, general purpose, an interactive, imperative, declarative, object-oriented programming language based on C and C++ designed and developed by Microsoft.

  • Introduction to D Programming

    D is a multi-paradigm, imperative, object-oriented, general purpose, high-level programming language designed and developed by Walter Bright at D Language Foundation.