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10 Best and Most Used DAW in the World (2018)

What is DAW?

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) basically used in Music Studio in order to edit, mix, repeat the voice and instrumental sound and finally for production Music. In this Digital Era, All modern Music Studio use DAW to edit their track. Actually, DAW changed the music field form the last decade.   In the market of music, lots of  DAW are available for editing music. But most of the Pro Studio use Professional DAW to produce quality Track.

How can I Detect a DAW as Best

You will use DAW application obviously for a reason. And obviously, it is for producing music. Choosing a Best DAW for your music project is varies and depends on several facts. The first thing, as a music lover you know there is differents kind of music actually exist and they are different from each other. That’s why there are many DAW that designed especially for HipHop Song mixing or Classic Song Mixing or DJ make. Now you have to select, on which field of music you want to work on.  Secondly, consider about your budget. For some DAW you have to cost a lot for use them. But you probably want to Buy your DAW within your Budget. If you want to mix a track in your home studio then choose a normal one. But for business purpose, you have to choose a best one by paying high.

First Try a Free DAW or Trial One

If you are a beginner to Music Editing, it will be best if you edit your song with a free software. First Learn the basic of a DAW.  And the core concept of DAW is same to both “Paid DAW and Free DAW”.  

Free Trial DAW is the best friend to selecting a Right one for you. You can be experiencing it before purchase it. Many companies offer a free trial for 7 Days or 30 Days. So before buying a DAW take a deep look on every feature of your own. It is the best option for Selecting right product.

Learn Multiple DAW

Work on your Project With Different DAW and learn new feature that does not common. It will extend your knowledge and working exprience.

The following guide will be helpful for selecting and picking the Right one

1. Ableton Live 9



2. Avid Pro Tools


3. Logic Pro X


4. FL Studio


5. Steinberg Cubase Pro


6. Cakewalk Sonar Platinum


7. Studio One


8. Bitwig


9. Propellerhead Reason


10. GarageBand


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