10 Best and Most Used DAW in the World (2018)

What is DAW?

DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation) basically used in Music Studio in order to edit, mix, repeat the voice and instrumental sound and finally for production Music. In this Digital Era, All modern Music Studio use Digital Audio Workstation to edit their track. This computer program changed the music field form the last decade.

In the market for music, lots of  DAW are available for editing music. But most of the Professional music Studio takes advantage of DAW to produce quality Track.

How can I choose the best DAW

You will use DAW application obviously for a reason. And obviously, it is for producing music. Choosing a Best DAW for your music project is varies and depends on several facts. The first thing, as a music lover you know there is a different kind of music actually exist and they are different from each other.

That’s why there are many DAW that designed especially for HipHop Song mixing or Classic Song Mixing or DJ make. Now you have to select, on which field of music you want to work on.  Secondly, consider your budget. For some DAW you have to cost a lot to use them.

But you probably want to Buy your DAW within your Budget. If you want to mix a track in your home studio then choose a normal one. But for business purpose, you have to choose the best one by paying high.

First Try a Free DAW or Trial One

If you are a beginner to Music Editing, it will be best if you edit your song with free software. First Learn the basic of a DAW.  And the core concept of DAW is the same as both “Paid DAW and Free DAW”.

Free Trial DAW is the best friend to selecting a Right one for you. You can be experiencing it before purchase it. Many companies offer a free trial for 7 Days or 30 Days. So before buying a DAW takes a deep look at every feature of your own. It is the best option for Selecting the right product.

Learn Multiple DAW

Work on your Project With Different DAW and learn a new feature that does not common. It will extend your knowledge and working experience. When you will learn multiple DAW, you will realize which is the best for your Project. Basically, it is the best way to choose a best and yourself compatible DAW.

The following guide will be helpful for selecting and picking the right one. See the list of DAW given below. I have referred the most used and popular DAW used all over the world even in the Professional studio. Almost all of them is a free trial available. So you have a chance to try out before purchasing the best one.

1. Ableton Live 9

From my personal opinion and experience Ableton Live 9 is a great DAW and audio managing software toolkit that really can be a handful for your studio project either home studio or a professional music studio. 

Ableton Live 9 - PrograCoding
Its simple and easy to use let’s allow you to manipulate all of your loop, drum, bass, harmony, recorded voice together and mix with an amazing ID mixer. Ableton has many built-in features, but you can also install lots of plugin for a specific type of project you will work on. You can try for the 30-day trial before purchasing this program

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2. Avid Pro Tools

Avid pro tools another best tools for producing professional quality music track and used worldwide in most of the professional studio. You can start learning to use Avid Pro tools without any question. Because millions of industries and media company using avid for producing their music and loops.

They have 3 plans of Pro tools first, Pro tools standard and Pro Tools HD. Compare the features and choose your Pro tool for your music.  Pro tools are extended with lots of Professional plugins that really make your project more efficient and effective. But because of its high demand in the marketplace, Pro Tools cost you some more dollars than other DAW.
Pro Tools Review by PrograCoding

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3. Logic Pro X

Login pro is also a leading DAW in the world created by Apple Inc. Its allow you all the power you need in production. If you’re fond of automation while editing, you can choose logic as your magic tools.

Logic Pro automatically match the timing of your track with smart tempo features. Massive collection of plugin and effect that feel you creativity while selecting the deep effect. Flex pitch, flex time, logic remote, multi-touch mixing, pair and play and many other pro features enjoy with the Logic pro.

Apple Logic Pro X - PrograCoding
If you are looking for a massive collection of effects and instrument with advanced reverb, vintage EQ, and creative effect then the logic pro is for you.

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4. FL Studio

If you love the better User Interface (UI) while editing then FL Studio is for you. FL studio formally Fruity loops created by Image Line Software and original author Didier Dambrin first appeared in 1897 about 20 years ago. FL Studio is the most used DAW mostly used by the non-technical producers for its simple and easy to use features also used by many pro producers.

FL Studio is specially built in lots of MIDI, Plugins such as virtual effects, samplers,  lots of Synthesizers, FL soundfont player, Edison, Fruity video player, etc. and much more fantastic features.

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FL Studio - PrograCoding

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