Basic Computer Networking Tutorial

Tutorialflow on How actually Computer Network works together a-z explanation

Computer Networking

As we already know that when two or multiple computers be connected together then it is called Computer networking. Ok cool!

transferring files between two computers - Computer Networking

But like every task connecting two or multiple computers has a valid reason. It is obviously data transmission across them in any way. So ultimately it is a probable thing that you will need a reliable medium to transfer data and information across the computers or devices. There are mainly two different ways can be used to create a computer network system. They are:

  • Wired Medium: Transmit data using wire connection. Three are commonly three types of wire are used to transfer data,
       1. Twisted Pair Cable
       2. Coaxial Pair Cable
       3. Optical Fiber Cable
  • Wireless Medium: Transmit data without any wire. I can be possible in some different ways, such as,
        1. Radiowave
        2. Microwave
        4. Infrared
        5. Satellite
        6. Laser etc

To connect the computers there are lots of devices such as hardware and software are needed for establishing a computer network connection. All the devices follow basic terminology and rule for transferring data across the computers. We will learn all the things and their functionality and workflow later on. There are lots of aspect of computer networking you will learn throughout this networking tutorial series.

Expectation from this Basic Computer Networking Course

After reading all the content of this course carefully, you will be able to learn the basic terminology about modern computer networking, you will also learn many terms and their basic workflow used in computer networking. You will familiar with networking hardware devices and software driver, protocols and much more.

This series of tutorial also can help you to use computer network in your everyday life. Because you will know how to fix a or how to configure a networking device. And all the networking conception and misconceptions will be cleared. So let’s enjoy this series. Have fun 🙂 !

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