ACD (Automatic Call Distributor)

Definition – What is ACD

In communication technology, ACD is the short form of Automatic Call Distributor. It is actually an automatic call distribution system basically used in telephony companies. In general, the ACD system manages a large amount of incoming call from the customers to an agent or organization.

Companies that provide customer support, almost all of them use ACD system for manipulating and handling large numbers of incoming customer calls. In this case, a cellular network provider configures the ACD system in their server for a specific phone number. Actually, the ACD system makes available the phone number to multiple customer managers. When multiple customers call at the same time all the calls are sent to the free customer managers who is currently not engaged in a phone call with a customer.

Distribution Processes and Methods

In the early stage of telecommunication technology, a mini switchboard telephony device was designed called PBX (Private Branch Exchange). That could handle a small number of multiline phone calls. Because of its closed nature, it’s flexibility was very limited. To cross the limitations telephony companies developed the ACD system.

The modern advanced ACD system can handle a number of tasks while handling a phone call from customers. It can track some important information about the callers such as automatic number identification system, tracking caller ID, Voice responses, Dialed number identification system etc.

Dialed number identification system is mostly used among them. It is a very useful functionality in the ACD system. It helps to manage the incoming call and delivers the call to the skill-based customer manager followed by the customer dialed.

Amazon Customer manager
Amazon Customer Manager

As for example, if a customer calls the Amazon help center with a specific skilled-based manager such as Sales manager. The customer after dialing the call center he will be asked to press 2 (example) for talking with a sales manager then you will be asked to press 3 (example again) to talk with a product manager. If you press 2, the call will be routed to a sales manager. In the same way, If you press 3 the call will be routed to a product manager.

The ACD system returns the customer such kind of voice “All the customer manager is busy now” if at least one selected skilled manager is not free for talking.