How to Approve and Active Disapproved Adsense Account

Adsense Policy

When you got disapproved from a Google Adsense probably you will want to approve and activate the account in order to make money by your Websites or mobile Apps. Ok fine, as you got disapproved by google, it is must be for a reason. Adsense can disapprove your Account for many reasons. If you want to active your disapproved AdSense id make sure you got disapproved for invalid traffic or activity otherwise this tutorial does not work for you.

What is Invalid Traffic?

Google have some policy and privacy for Adsense Publisher. Invalid Activity or Invalid Traffic one of them. Now we will learn what is invalid traffic and Activity. When you develop your own Website or Mobile apps. Means, in the of Development you probably test your site by visit repeatedly from your own computer as well as your own IP address when the same IP address you use for your Website admin panel in order to maintain your site.

For the repeated visit from your computer, google track the stats of your site when you sign up for AdSense. And it is basically Invalid Activity or Invalid Traffic. When Google detect 30%  or more of visits only come from your computer then google disable or disapproved the Account.

Way to solve the Problem

Before you proceed make sure you got disapproved Adsense for invalid Traffic or activity by getting this message.

How to Approve and Active Disapproved Adsense Account

If you got this message, you have to submit an appeal to the Google Adsense appeal form from this link

Now follow this simple listed instruction back your active Adsense account…

  • If you don’t have enough content in your site or apps then the first things add enough content otherwise Google won’t accept your appeal.
  • Make sure you are submitting this appeal after minimum one month from the disapproved date.
  • Now click the above link for the redirect to Adsense Appeal form.
  • You will now see some option. Fill them as you need. Finally, you will get the Appeal form link, Click on it,
  • Read the instruction given above the form(Recommended)
  • Enter Your name(Adsense ID name) int he names Field.
  • Insert Your Email Address associated with your Adsense account that got disapproved.
  • Enter the Website Address from where you got disapproved for invalid traffic.
  • Now Enter the new website where you want to place add for making money

Have you ever purchased traffic to your site(s), mobile app(s), and/or YouTube channel(s)? *

Click Yes

The next question for you “How do users get to your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? How do you promote your content? *”

As answer of this question  copies and paste the answer given in the infobox:

Users reaches to my contents via major search engine including google, bing or yahoo. Some traffic reaches via social media like facebook and twitter.

The Next question for you “Have you or your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel ever violated the AdSense program policies or Terms & Conditions? If so, how? *”

Copy and Paste the answer given into infobox:

My some of the youtube channels videos got one or two copyright strikes under community guidelines, but not have any invalid click activity before this. These violations also due to my mistakes, and happened unknowingly or due to negligence. I don’t me unknowingly.
  • Next Question “What was the reason for invalid activity on your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? Please provide detailed information about all specific reasons that you believe to be relevant in your case. *”

Copy and Paste:

First of all, I really apologize for any invalid activity and condemn like these activities and also for those mistakes which happened by unknowingly and my negligence. Further now, I assure to adsense and youtube to be genuine AdSense partner. I started using AdSense partnership about a year ago and tried my best to do and valid activities. If my Adsense is restarted I will do everything according to AdSense policies and try to get away from any invalid activity which violates any term and condition.
  • The next question for you “

Paste the answer like this:

Dear reviewers from the Google, this is the first time that my AdSense account is disabled due to like this invalid clicks activity, I could not record my suspicious IP address, traffic log & reports. I also apologize again for this negligence too. As must as I know about my site or AdSense I have mentioned. I only appeal to ignore any server or light invalid activity to my account and give me first and last chance to work properly on my AdSense account. I accept my mistakes which happened by unknowingly and my negligence
  • Leave blank the additional explanation of invalid activity field. Check the terms and policy agreement then click Submit button.

Wait for an Email from Adsense. If you get an email from google adsense the submission completed

successfully.  Wait for at least 72 hours. Your ID will be approved.