.apk File Extension

apk File Extension

APK stands for “Application Package Kit is a file format or file extension for Android application and games. Files that end with .apk basically refer to android installation file. This file is extended from .jar and .zip file. And that’s why like zip, apk is a kind of archive file that is specially used by Android-powered devices.

An apk file can be downloaded from official website of Android (Google Play) or you can download it from the popular Android game and applicating sharing site such as apkpure.com, apk4fun etc.

Since the Android operating system is very popular Operating System for the smartphone, It application file (.apk file) hugely developed and deployed worldwide. Conventionally making or creating .apk file called Android Application Development is an extended concept for creating an Android game or application. And this job can be done by a formal computer programmer who can code in Java programming language. To explore more about android application development you can follow this official guide.

How to install apk file?

To install apk file you will need an Android-powered device. Then follow this instruction “How to install an apk file properly on Android Device.” You should follow proper installation instruction because amateur installation can be harmful for your device.

How to view inside apk Files?

As already said, apk is a kind of archive file and its content are compressed with .zip archive file. So if you want to see what content exists in an apk file then you can use any supported unrar or unzipper software application. It will help you to execute the source file rather than installing the file.


What is in apk Files?

The android application file is built with some specific rules and regulation. Every single apk file is developed with a certain pattern so that android device can fetch it and accept it to be installed. Depend on type of application developer can define own function followed by Java programming language. However, every single apk file contains some basic component that helps to understand the android devices. So that android device can fetch the file and prepare to be installed.

How to Develop apk File?

In general, the computer programmer or software developer more specifically android application developer write program code to develop a fully portable apk file. They basically write code in java programming language and follow the instruction of Android API. You can learn Android development from here.